Lack of interest or concentration in the classroom is every teachers fear. Some teachers use force to grab the attention of children whilst others prefer a subtle methodology in the approach toward robust learning. Here are multiple ways of engagement to help kids digest the informative content fed during school.


The early years in the education of a child does not mean that he needs excessive knowledge. This is the time when kids are taught the basics like identifying numbers, the letters of the alphabet, and sentence formation through nursery rhymes.

Keep things in Check

Regulation and rules are a part of every school group in pre nursery singapore . Children automatically respond to a voice of authority, which gears them forward to manage their emotions. They are now able to focus and are even capable of controlling certain behavioral patterns.

Cognitive Learning Through Play

To ensure that the working capacity and memory of the child helps him down the line, a playgroup encourages kids to attend to tasks that bring out their learning capacity. In fact, once they are able to concentrate, their learning automatically falls into place. It also ensures that behavioral patterns are on point. That is where cognitive control plays quite a vital role, at every step in the development of a child.

Stretch their Muscles and Loosen Up

Get the children to loosen up before class. This is quite an important requisite in the powers of engagement. It ensures that children are open to learning and getting involved in multiple activities. When they involve themselves in something, they will continue to practice the skill and use it down the line.

Ideas and Creativity

Craft and Project work helps little ones better their natural talents. Including this as a part of the informal syllabus in a playgroup gets kids to work out their strategies in design and development. As they improve their drawing or craftwork, it paves the way to use their cognitive powers of reason and analysis.

Dishing Out Something

Organize a bake in the classroom and you will find every child ready to pipe in, the reason being that they love to dabble around food. The rule is that everyone must be involved. One mixes the dry ingredients; one mixes the eggs and so on and so forth. As they blend the batter together, they learn the art of divide and multiple through simple math.

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