Unless you don’t have access to internet, you would know the importance of social media marketing in today’s competitive business environment. And although every social networking platform offers your brand the exposure to market, Facebook still remain the leader of the pack with over a billion users. Starting an ad campaign on Facebook can produce great results for the business and it’s relatively inexpensive. Following are 5 tips to set up an effective ad campaign on Facebook:

1. Use striking images: It’s a known fact that posts with images gain more traction than regular text post, because it’s more appealing to the audience and we invariably get attracted to graphical representation of facts. Use catchy images, relevant to your business and take advantage of this great feature.

2. Align ads with campaign landing page: Alignment of ad with the landing page ensures a higher conversion rate, as the users expect an identical content on the page that the ad promises. It not only helps your brand gain credibility but also reduces ad expenses, as a clear ad campaign optimizes the money spent on it.

3. Target new customers with like campaign: Setting up a like campaign allows you to exclude users who are already following your page. It’s a common practice to exclude the existing customers from a campaign because the purpose behind an ad is to drive additional customers and not to show it to those who already like your page. For targeted customers in Singapore, focus on Facebook marketing in Singapore and drive relevant traffic.

4. Use geographical targeting: You need to optimize your spending while creating an ad campaign. Setting ads targeting specific geographical locations helps you eliminate irrelevant impressions. For a local business in Singapore, you would want to target customers in and around Singapore by using geographical targeting option while creating an ad campaign.

5. Create unique ads for different audience: For better targeting, you can create separate ad sets for different audiences. Based on the products or services you offer, you can target a specific audience who would be interested in the particular product you are marketing in an ad campaign. This helps you achieve a better conversion rate and higher engagement.

Creating an effective ad campaign is all about knowing the platform and its features. Facebook offers a host of features that can be used to understand how your ads are performing, who exactly are interested in your ads, and how can you improve your techniques to achieve maximum results from your Facebook marketing in Singapore.