People remember intelligently written or made ads. But the purpose of a company’s advertisement is not for entertaining people but for selling to them the products or services they are offering. This means right ads must be created and they should reach the right people. Not only that, these ads should reach them at the right moment as well.

Companies should also remember that innovations are taking place at a rapid pace in the advertisement field. So, old tactics become obsolete quickly. But the biggest advantage of these innovations is that the new technologies usher in new opportunities. Let us look at some of the trends in online advertising.

1. Advertisement through mobile videos

A study reveals that 30% of online videos are played on mobiles and this is likely to go up thanks to the increase in consumption of smartphones and tablets. The popularity of ‘phablets’ is also growing rapidly and so, advertisement through mobile videos is certain to grow also. Since people spend more time on looking at their phones, this form of online advertisement will continue to dominate in future also.

2. Native advertising

Expenditure on native advertising was $3.2 billion during 2014 and it is likely to go up to $8.8 billion in 2018. Native ads are those ads that emulate the style and contents of the sites on which they appear. Blog posts of long form, videos or infographics that do not directly promote a product but inspire the purchase decision of people in a subtle manner belong to this category. But native ads are typically followed with disclaimer tags like “promoted by”, “paid post” or “sponsored content.”

3. Viewable impressions

The recent innovation in the viewability technology has led to the advertising model that is known as “viewable impressions. Earlier, there were several frauds in digital advertisement. But this innovation has eliminated the risks involved in them.

The best benefit of viewable impressions is that advertisers are charged only if their ad appears for a certain minimum duration on the screen of the user. So, this trend will also dominate the online advertising scene.

4. Behavioral data

Instead of squandering money on new channels, payments models and other tactics that may be effective only if the right audience sees the ads, businesses can target the right customers by efficiently using behavioral data. This is called behavioral targeting in the online advertising parlance.

Business people should remember that Online advertising Singapore trends will continuously be changing because habits, preferences and tastes of people keep changing. So, entrepreneurs should follow the trends closely and adopt the ones that suit them.

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