Digital marketing is not simply about creating customer awareness and getting them to click on weblinks and visit websites but, most importantly, about influencing them and converting their visits into sales. To this end, conversion marketing employs tactics and strategies that encourage customers to act in a way as desired by the marketers. Basically, a browsing or visiting customer is influenced to become a paying customer through methods like special offers and discounts. The effectiveness of conversion marketing is measured by conversion rates, which is what most digital marketers use to measure the success of their marketing efforts and campaigns. Conversion rate is calculated as the percentage of site visitors who act in the marketers’ desired manner.

How does conversion marketing work?

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E-commerce sites need carts filled and checked out, other sites which focus on content (like news, information, and videos) would like visitors to click on the ads that they host. The first thing that a website needs to accomplish is to get the visitor to stick around for longer than a couple of seconds. Most visitors will have found the site through search engines while looking for something they are interested in, so they are prime for conversion. Conversion hooks are tactics that can be used to grab the customer’s attention for longer. Web design, attractive landing pages, use of video and pictures, well formatted information, and using keywords are some examples of conversion hooks.

Web layout and ease-of-navigation plays an important role in determining whether someone will stick around or not. Another crucial aspect is the information provided – customers will convert their visits to buys if you have provided them with all the necessary information they require about a product or service. Special offers relating to the customer’s keywords is a guaranteed to attract longer attention, giving companies the perfect opportunity to pitch a convincing sale to the visitor.

Content-based websites use tactics that are different from e-commerce websites. For them, good quality and original content is what will make visitors browse their site for longer. Interesting and informative content, and pictures and videos with captions will keep them engrossed and more likely to click on ads. For content-based sites, ad clicks count as conversions.

A higher conversion rate leads to higher income. To get the most out of your search marketing efforts, consult expert digital marketing agencies in Singapore to help get the conversions.

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